The Juice – Jen Bishop, Dynamic Business


Name: Jen Bishop

Age: 28

Title: Associate publisher/editor, Dynamic Business magazine

Organisation: Loyalty Media

Industry (PR, media, advertising, etc): Journalism

Blog: Dynamic Business

Twitter: @jenbishopsydney


  1. How did you get into communications? I was still at high school when I met a reporter from the local newspaper at a local pub (where I wasn’t drinking, naturally) and asked if I could go in and do some work experience in the holidays. I’d always been good at English and French but didn’t really know what I wanted to do as a career. As soon as I got started at the local paper, I was hooked. It all came so naturally and when I left after two weeks they asked me to go back and do some paid work to cover someone’s holiday. By the end of that, they said they’d offer me a full-time job so I shelved my plans for university (much to the dismay of my dad and teachers) and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I was 17. It’s safe to say I’ve never looked back.
  2. What would you say to young people looking to get into journalism? Do as much unpaid work experience as you can. Prove yourself to be an invaluable intern and it could well lead to a paid job offer. I’m proof of that!
  3. Do you have any role models from the communications industry? I used to dream of being UK television war correspondent Kate Adie! I also love Janet Street-Porter, former editor of the Independent on Sunday (also in the UK).
  4. What do you believe will be the biggest challenge faced by media in the future?  What’s the biggest opportunity? The web is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity. It’s a challenge (especially for print media) because anyone can publish news online these days and beat you to an exclusive. It’s also the biggest opportunity because the possibilities for online publishing, especially backed by a strong social media strategy, are endless.
  5. If you could have any other job in the comms industry for just one day, what would it be and why? I’d love to be editor of Inside Out or Real Living. I’m obsessed with all things interior design and furniture.
  6. What are your five top blogs? The SartorialistGirl with a satchel, Apartment Therapy, Meet me at Mike’s, Three piece suite (no nonsense weight loss advice from my friend ‘Kitty’)
  7. What do you see as the three top skills for a journalist and why? News sense, time management and a natural curiosity. Some people would assume being able to write should come top, but trust me, being a good writer doesn’t equal being a good journalist. You have to be able to immediately recognise the angle and what makes it news (or know how to ‘create’ an angle that’s interesting). You need to be able to meet and juggle deadlines and you need to be genuinely interested in what’s going on in the world. A natural curiosity and tendency to question everything helps!
  8. We all look forward to taking our annual leave! Have you planned your next holiday and where are you going? I’m off to the UK in July to visit my family and friends and godchild. I’ll also be spending a few nights in Paris. Can’t wait!
  9. What are your tips on how to effectively deal with the media? Just treat us as normal human beings! This hopefully helps foster a mutual respect for each other. That’s what my PRJournoLove movement is essentially all about! The PR and journalism industries need each other so it makes sense to get along. Each side needs to lose the attitude that they are more needed or important than the other.
  10. What is your view on the current state of PR / media relations? How can we improve these from both sides of the fence? See above.



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