The Juice – Bec Derrington, SourceBottle


Name: Bec Derrington

Age: 38

Title: Founder

Organisation: SourceBottle

Industry (PR, media, advertising, etc): Media/PR

Twitter: @sourcebottle


  1. How did you come up with the idea for SourceBottle? Leads services (that connect journalists and sources/experts) have been around for nearly 20 years, but I wasn’t aware of any that effectively helped connect Australian journalists with Australian sources. This became all too apparent when I started my own marketing and public relations firm after the birth of my first child. But it wasn’t until the birth of my second nearly two years ago that I decided to do something about it. So I thought about the sort of service I would find useful (from a source’s perspective) and the sort of service a journalist would find invaluable. That’s when I decided to offer SourceBottle up as a free service, because I thought journalists would be able to use it to get direct access to ‘fresh’ sources. It also meant that the types of call outs that could be posted could be broader.
  2. What are three tools you couldn’t do your job without and why? Twitter – because it’s such an effective tool to help broadcast call outs and requests. Tweetadder – because I can stagger call outs and requests throughout the day using the automated service, instead of bombarding followers with an overwhelming Twitter stream. My phone (which lets me access my CMS) – because I can approve call outs and requests wherever I am.
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?  What about SourceBottle – will it become a broader service? Me in five years’ time? Still running SourceBottle (but not alone). SourceBottle in five years’ time? I’m hoping that within the next financial year SourceBottle will be available in most English-speaking countries. However, it will always have a ‘local’ twist. In other words, if you’re a journalist in Canada, you’ll have the option of posting a call out for Canadian sources or sources from across the globe. Likewise, if you’re a subscriber to the service, you’ll be able to receive local call outs and/or international call outs from select countries.
  4. What are your five top blogs?  Five top tweeters? Wow – that’s really hard. I love too many blogs and tweeters. A standout tweeter is @shitmydadsays – because it’s brilliant and never fails to make me laugh. Otherwise, I’m currently enjoying @BPGlobalPR and do like watching the twitter stream during Question Time for comments made by @GreenJ, @BernardKeane and @latikambourke.  As for blogs… some of my regular reads are:,,, and
  5. Do you have a mantra or personal approach to doing your best every day? I have a sign on my wall that says: Never, never, never give up. (Winston Churchill) I guess that’s my mantra.
  6. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your career? See my answer to question 5.
  7. What role does social media play in your profession? Social media plays a pivotal role in my professional life. After all, SourceBottle is, in itself, a social media site. The service is completely dependent on social media.
  8. Who has been the most instrumental figure in your career progression and why? Daphne McKenzie – my manager in my first marketing and media relations role. She was the sort of boss you’d die for. She was brilliant; a seriously good writer and a delightful person with an incredible work ethic. She was happy to share her knowledge and help everyone around her realise their full potential.
  9. Do you use Twitter for work purposes? If so, has it been a positive or negative contribution to working day? Yes! Twitter has definitely made a positive contribution to my working day – not just because it helps find sources for journalists/bloggers (as part of the SourceBottle service), but also because it’s introduced me to some incredible people and provided me with some fantastic opportunities!
  10. What do you believe are the keys to delivering an effective pitch to media? Always tailor your pitch to the specific medium/journalist. If you’re responding to a call out on a service like SourceBottle, make sure you answer the call out. Don’t respond by pitching an alternative story because it fits your client’s brief and/or try to sell it in as a better story.
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    […] Prinks interviews Bed Derrington, a 38 years of age business woman and founder of SourceBottle.  Twitter: Tweetadder – because I can stagger call outs and requests throughout the day using the automated service, instead of bombarding followers with an overwhelming Twitter stream. My phone (which lets me access my CMS) – because I can approve call outs and requests wherever I am. […]

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