The Newsroom – Since when did Australasia play Slovakia last night?

I must say the NZ game last night was at a much more reasonable time last night. But clearly I was asleep at 9.30pm as I failed to notice Australiasia on the score board. Correct me if I’m wrong – and I’m not a huge soccer pro – but I’m pretty sure New Zealand versed Slovakia.

The Sydney Morning Herald clearly thought otherwise with a great headline scrawling the front page of the paper this morning, ‘Australasia’ claims the 1 – 1 result: Kiwis get the point’.

Sure, localising a story for your readers is one thing however the SMH is clutching at straws with this one if their trying to squeeze Australia somehow into NZ’s performance last night.

And if we are going to be lumped together for this World Cup, perhaps the SMH won’t be so proud come the end of the group stages and Australasia has only managed a point from six fixtures…


3 Responses to “The Newsroom – Since when did Australasia play Slovakia last night?”
  1. Mel Watson says:

    Sooooo true – go the All Whites!

  2. Rob Langford says:

    I looked at that headline three times today, before deciding that it must have been a joke. I’d like to keep believing that. Really, I would…. hilarious SMH, you’ve done it again! (slow hand clap).

  3. Rob Langford says:

    … also please note the banner promo for the Origin game above. Also… hilarious.

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