PR journo relationships – Are you a pain or a pleasure?

Gosh we can be really annoying!  By “we” I mean us as publicists / PR consultants / comms managers / account managers – whatever you like to call the work you do.  And before you get upset with that statement, hear me out.  This year in particular, I’ve heard more horror stories of publicists behaving … Continue reading

The Blackboard – The dos and don’ts when applying for an internship

I get approached by eager young things looking for an internship pretty much every day. Now, without sounding too self-absorbed I do run a business, I do have a couple of children and I do live in Sydney where the daily commute is enough to make your blood boil – on a good day. as … Continue reading

Oi! Get out of the country!

Once you grow up it can be difficult to draw the line between contentedness and complacency. Two years ago I was a Senior Account Executive at EVC Group, a boutique investor relations firm in San Francisco. My company gave me a great role dealing with two dozen CEOs and CFOs and tremendous support to back me, but … Continue reading

The Blackboard – 5 lessons in PR not learned in the classroom

Not all learning happens in the classroom for public relations students. Several internships, amazing mentors and some self-teaching prepared me for life after graduation. It was a lot of extra work but definitely worth it. As a recent graduate here are a few lessons that I didn’t learn in the classroom. kjhk The Role of Social … Continue reading

Who owns social media?

They say if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In the marketing world this means when a client comes to us with a problem, we assume our discipline has the solution. If we’re humble sometimes we may admit only part of the solution. So who does it best? As an example let’s look … Continue reading

Richard Sauerman – “Wake Up Tiger!”

Sometimes we just need to hear a good old – Wake up tiger! If you’re ever in search of such awesome words of inspiration, check out Richard Sauerman’s blog ‘Wake Up Tiger’. Here’s a great thought for today – IF you believe in your self, you don’t need to convince others. IF you are content with your … Continue reading

The Blackboard – Writing strategies that sell – Part 2

  Ok, so now you have your research behind you and objectives down pact (see ), you’re ready to start writing a strategy that sells! Here are some helpful tips – –          Try to avoid startng to write the strategy in a PowerPoint document – this can stifle creativity. The deck should be the last activity. –          Try to avoid … Continue reading

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