The Blackboard – Writing strategies that sell – Part 2

  Ok, so now you have your research behind you and objectives down pact (see ), you’re ready to start writing a strategy that sells! Here are some helpful tips –

–          Try to avoid startng to write the strategy in a PowerPoint document – this can stifle creativity. The deck should be the last activity.

–          Try to avoid templates where possible. Each strategy is different and a template can again hinder creativity.

–          Map it out on a big piece of paper. Put all your ideas down, draw links between research and insights and sweat it down until you come to that one golden idea upon which your campaign will centre.

–          Run the idea by as many colleagues or friends as possible. You should be able to tell them the essence of your idea in a sentence and they should get it. If not, go back and rework it. The best strategies are brilliant but simple.

–          Start writing, but be aware of cliché jargon and overused terms. Make the strategy as effective and succinct as possible. Review the use of every word. Why did you choose that one? Is there a better word?

–          Make sure it remains on a macro level – above the line. Keep your thoughts on the bigger picture. 

–          Read over it again. Do you enjoy reading it? Are you excited by the strategy? If not, there’s a good chance your client won’t be either. Go back and rework it.

Writing a brilliant strategy can be time consuming. However the more time your pour into this stage of the document, the easier it will be to write all that is to follow and the more likely you are to wow your client – and ultimately sell your idea.

Good luck!

Gemma Crowley


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