Media training has to be more than clever puppetry

Wading through the media sound bites that resonate the airwaves, fill our newspapers and clog our inboxes, it’s easy to think we are all just victims of the relentless public relations machine. As a media trainer, I am guilty of adding to the case but am here to argue the real damage is done when … Continue reading

Publicity stunts to inspire the creativity within all

They are either mind blowing, jaw dropping and create wide spread buzz for your client or they an absolute fail – attracting the negative publicity you were crossing your fingers wouldn’t happen or simply attracting no publicity which is equally as disappointing. Publicity stunts are always a make or break. But that’s what I love … Continue reading

BRW’s Leo D’Angelo Fisher – “9 out of 10 media releases induce me to rush for the ‘delete’ button”

Hands up any PR professional who read BRW’s ‘Broken English’ by Leo D’Angelo Fisher (6 August 2010) and cringed? If you haven’t read it, I won’t ruin it for you. Read it yourself. I can promise you by the end you will be re thinking that media release before clicking send! “The media release is … Continue reading

Staying on message – the hidden perils

I was catching up with a mate for a drink on Friday who I hadn’t seen in quite sometime. We’re good friends, we actually go way back, but there’s always been one aspect of his personality that drives me a little insane. Whenever I see him, he persistently quotes Eddie Murphy’s Delirious stand up show.  … Continue reading

New iPhone app to automatically check you in on Foursquare

This follows on rather nicely from my earlier Foursquare post – Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence’s Jonathan Nguyen shared today that Techcrunch overnight broke the news of an app  that will automatically check in for you. This new app, available only on the latest Apple iPhone OS, will make checking in much more convenient for the Fourquare … Continue reading

Foursquare for business – hospitality industry cashing in!

Foursquare – ok, so we all know that this social media platform allows us to share where we are at any point in time. Ok, got that. Personally I have no desire to do so, however people seem to jumping on board this one. But how active are Foursquare users? 98.59% – checked in at … Continue reading

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