Think … then tweet.

Ogilvy Media Director, Sam North today drew our attention to the below snippet included in article on Twitter in last Saturday’s (23 January 2011) Good Weekend magazine. You may have read about this tweeting slip up previously, you may not have. But even if this story rings a bell – I don’t think we can read it too many times.

It’s a pertinent reminder that what we post on Twitter may very well come back to haunt us professionally. If you post something about a client, work related issue, the company etc, someone will see it and it will most likely come back to bite you. Moral of the story – best not to do it! What we post on Twitter and Facebook, whether we like it or not, reflects on the company we work for – something we always need to keep top of mind all day, every day!

“True confession, but I’m in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say ‘I would die if I had to live here!” — tweeted by James Andrews, PR Executive when landing in Memphis for a FedEx meeting. Twitter stuff up right there and an ‘oops’ on Mr Andrews behalf which reinforces to all of us that we must think then tweet – and not the other way round!


3 Responses to “Think … then tweet.”
  1. Belinda says:

    I think it’s an over-reaction from the client. No matter what the medium, clients who want to make us kow-tow will find a way to do it. Yes we should exercise caution, but we shouldn’t totally censor our views and personality. He didn’t name the town, he didn’t vilify a particular person … it’s a case of a client throwing their weight around, just because they can.

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