In house comms folk can miss out on support network

It seems to me that you guys, in-house PR practitioners, haven’t been given as much attention (and professional development opportunities) as agency folks do. It could be a false impression, but one that is certainly worth raising.

As communication professional Craig Pearce pointed out, there are plenty of reasons why working in-house is the way to go, but despite all these, it can get a bit lonely for internal communication professionals… Most don’t have access to a whole team of like-minded creative thinkers like themselves to bounce ideas with (which agency folks take for granted) and it seems that much of the learning and training opportunities offered in our industry is geared towards agency peeps.

Late last year I undertook a short survey of people working in-house in communication to find out what were the biggest challenges they faced. The results were interesting – yet not surprising. The top six (with two equal four) challenges were:

1. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of my department’s initiatives

2. Justifying the need for more budget for my department

3. Keep learning & upskilling myself

4. Thinking outside the box

4. Asking for a promotion

5. Getting sign off on initiatives or campaigns

ROI has always been a hot topic in PR – agency or in-house side, but I doubt that ‘learning & upskilling’ as well as ‘thinking outside the box’ would appear anywhere in the top 10 challenges of agency folks.

Other key issues mentioned by respondents included ‘staying in touch with new trends in the communication industry’, ‘using creative thinking’ and ‘getting input from other divisions’.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands to address all of the above challenges (and much more) but, most of all, to give internal communication professionals the space they deserve to learn, share and succeed together. Want to find out more? Check out

And in the meantime, I’d be curious to hear other internal comms professionals’ thoughts on these challenges… Are there different issues or difficulties you face in your role? Have you found the winning formula to overcome them?

By @KimLarochelle

Kim Larochelle provides coaching support to communication professionals. She is also launching on Tuesday, 21 February a six-month professional development program for people in internal communication/marketing communication positions. To view the details, visit


There is one spot to the Communicators’ Forum program up for grab for one lucky in-house PR professional! That’s a FREE six-month professional development program valued at $1,490!

To be eligible, you must work in a Sydney based, in-house comms role and be available for all face-to-face sessions (third Tuesday of every month starting 21 February, 9am to 12noon).

To enter, follow these two simple steps:

1) Register to the Communicators’ Forum e-newsletter (visit and click on the ‘Sign up to our e-news’ link), and;

2) Email Kim at saying in 20 words or less why you deserve to win.

Good luck!


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