Big dogs, yes. Old dogs, definitely not.

This is a guest post from Justine Taylor of Howorth Communications.

It’s a rather intimidating task to simply sit in front of a panel comprising the most creative and celebrated minds in our industry and just listen to how their careers have played out. After all, they have ‘made it’ in an industry that we are yet to wrap our heads around.

So when STW Group’s Big Dogs panel set aside two hours of their time to impart tried and tested tips and tricks on how to get ahead for free (let’s face it, we probably couldn’t afford an hour of their time any other way), it’s important to soak as much of their wisdom as possible.

The Big Dogs panel, who are the recipients of countless Effie Awards and who are responsible for launching some of the most recognisable brands in Australia, comprised, Brett Howlett, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Australia; Anouk Darling, CEO, Moon Communications; Gerry Cyron, Head of Brand Planning; Ogilvy Australia, Jonathan Pease, Managing Partner and Executive Ideas Director, Tongue; Brian Giesen, Director, Social@Ogilvy; and – one of Australia’s top ten most influential women in media in 2011- Kieran Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy Public Relations, Australia.

What advice did they have for budding young communicators?  Here’s ten top tips:

  1. Be inspired by someone who is innovative and creative but who wants to contribute to society as well as their bank account (e.g. Dan Widen, Warren Buffett, Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott).
  2. Your first role may not be glamorous, but it is a pathway to the rest of your career so stick it out.
  3. Those who are willing to evolve will be more successful than those who think they already know everything.
  4. It is OK to make mistakes if you are trying your best.
  5. A good leader empowers and encourages others to reach their full potential. That doesn’t mean they are the loudest or the most popular person in the room.
  6. In the future, all media groups will need to integrate to be successful (advertising, PR, marketing etc.).
  7. To get ahead, always raise your hand, take advantage of opportunities and stay hungry.
  8. Technology is set to change radically so experts, young and old, must be ready to change with it.
  9. Nobody knows where they will be in five years – don’t worry, it is not just you.
  10. You will never reach the top of your career – even when you are at the top of your career!

What advice do you have for young communications professionals?


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