PRINKS holds alternate bi-monthly events in Sydney and Melbourne where we invite all comms people to join us for a drink or two and catch up with friends and colleagues.  If you would like to establish a regular PRINKS gathering in your capital city, please contact us.

Events are coordinated via the PRINKS Facebook Page and are free for all attendees.  Stay tuned there for details.

5 Responses to “Events”
  1. Sarah Allen says:

    Great to see some familiar faces at these PRinks events. Nice one bringing it together. I hope to come to a future event!

  2. Alanna says:

    Congrats on the new sits guys – looks great.
    See you at the next Prinks x

  3. Andrew W Morse says:

    Look forward to seeing you again tonight

  4. Iain Hopkins says:

    Hope to see everyone at the September event!

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